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Absolute Fate Albertine Whyte

Absolute Fate

Albertine Whyte

Published July 22nd 2014
Kindle Edition
140 pages
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 About the Book 

Absolute Fate was written to help those who are suffering from the evils of drugs abuse and bullying. This book also substantiates the fact that, perseverance is the main catalyst to success. I hope that some young people epitomize the main character in this story and bring some success story to their lives. I know the struggles and oppositions many of our young people face, because, I was once there.We are living in a society where people are destroying themselves with drugs. Despite efforts made by the government and other social groups to combat the problem, it remains a revolving door. The health care system is now in disarray financially, because drug users are predisposed to various health problems. Bullying is another social problem world-wide. This is one of the worst injustices inflicted on a human-being. God made this earth for all to enjoy, yet some feel that the road to their happiness is incumbent on other’s pain. In my book Absolute Fate, I depicted the life of a young man who went from strength to strength to accomplish what he thought was right. Despite his efforts, he was bullied, dehumanized and literally thrown in a dismal place, only to be rescued by the help of kind people. He finally made it to the end.I hope the information in this book will help bullies and those who are being bullied to see life in a different perspective. I also hope it discourages the use of street drugs, because it has serious implications. Not only does drug use separates one from society, but family also.