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Grand Tour Sheila Pickles

Grand Tour

Sheila Pickles

Published May 31st 1994
ISBN : 9780517127506
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 About the Book 

This came in a slip box and its endpapers are supposed to be scented with Penhaligons Eau de Cologne which is described as a bouquet of citrus oils blended with herbaceous notes,...refreshing and delightful but, by nature, of short duration.Indeed, like life, it is of a short duration. Published in 1991, by the time I purchased this copy in a second hand bookstore it does not smell of anything perfumy anymore, though the book itself is of mint condition, its pages still creaseless, firm and glossy, the photos and reproductions of paintings clear. They are matched with travel-/place-related quotes and poems from writers like Dickens, Henry James, Mark Twain, Robert Browning, E.M. Forster, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edith Wharton, etc.The Grand Tour originated in the 18th century when children of wealthy families are sent on a grand tour of Europe to broaden their horizon and engage freely in debaucheries. They still do that to this very day. Now my own neighborhood is swarming with young, rich Koreans, while rich Filipino families send their children to the U.S., France or England to live there for a while without housemaids or to study. Then they come back to the Philippines to become actors and actresses and the fodder for gossips and scandals.