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Glimpses of Lincoln Melanie Jongsma

Glimpses of Lincoln

Melanie Jongsma

Published June 22nd 2011
Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

While Americans today may be familiar with the legendary Abraham Lincoln, the wealth of stories in this collection gives depth and dimension to the legend. They are re-published here (and edited for clarity and current grammatical norms) in the hope that today’s readers will gain profound respect for the man who led our nation through its darkest season with humility, humor, and strength of character.Download your e-copy of Glimpses of Lincoln to enjoy:• Anecdotes and personal remembrances from Lincoln’s childhood and early years as a young lawyer• Line drawings from the original 1904 publication• War stories that reflect his leadership during the Civil War• The firsthand account by Walt Whitman of the events at Ford’s Theater on the night of Lincoln’s assassination• Lincoln’s best-known speeches and addresses—including the Emancipation Proclamation, the “House Divided” speech, the Gettysburg Address, and more